Our services

We offer a multitude of services, please see the sections below to find out more.

Worcester Boiler and Horizontal Cylinder

Boiler installation

We can install any make of boiler but we always recommend installing a Worcester Bosch boiler as we believe they are the best domestic boiler on the market.


Boiler Servicing

We service all makes of boilers running on Natural Gas, LPG or Oil.


Boiler/Heating/Hot Water Repairs

We offer repairs to domestic boilers from all manufacturers starting at £50.00 + VAT.


Landlord and Letting Agent Services

We have many customers that are either Private Landlords or Letting Agents that themselves have from 1 property they let or manage to multiple properties.


Heating and Hot Water Controls

As technology moves forward at a fast pace we have decided to keep up with this as much as possible to ensure we can provide up to date services for our customers lifestyle demands.



We offer a service to cover many aspects of plumbing from blocked pipes to small leaks, faulty taps, showers, toilets, replacing valves and stop cocks and more.



Bathrooms are very individual things as people have different tastes and want different designs something we always take into consideration when planning one.


Water Treatment

As people in West Sussex and Hampshire know the water here is very hard and scale is a big problem when it comes to cleaning and the deterioration of appliances.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is a great way to heat a home, not only is it the most cost efficient way it is the most comfortable type of heating system to live with.


Wood Burners and Gas Fires

A nice way to have heat is to have a Wood burner in your living room. Wood Burners offer a great heat on a cold day or night which is quite controllable compared to a typical open fire.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy products are a great way to save on monthly bills for your heating and hot water needs.



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