Water Treatment

As people in West Sussex and Hampshire know the water here is very hard and scale is a big problem when it comes to cleaning and the deterioration of appliances.

We believe the best solution for dealing with this scale is by using a water softener.

A water softener is not a cheap solution to scale but is the best solution to removing the scale from our water supply.

An average cost to supply and install a water softener is around £600.00 with an average salt cost of £8.00 per month.

Not only does a water softener remove the scale from the water meaning cleaning bathrooms is much easier it protects washing machines, dishwashers, tap valves and shower valves and you also use less soap and cleaning products.

There are other solutions to dealing with scale and that is to use a water conditioner, a water conditioner changes the characteristics of the scale within the water, not removing it but making it easier to clean or allowing it to pass through your appliances rather than stick to them.


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