Boiler System Types Chichester

What type of boiler do I have?

In the UK, there are several types of boilers commonly used in homes. Here, we look at the the main types and how you can identify your boiler.

Combi Boilers (Combination Boilers):
Combi boilers are compact units that provide both heating and hot water on demand. They don’t require a separate hot water cylinder or storage tank.

Look for a single unit typically mounted on a wall. Combi boilers are often smaller and more space-efficient.

Conventional Boilers (Regular Boilers or Traditional Boilers):
Conventional boilers consist of a boiler unit, a hot water storage cylinder (usually located in an airing cupboard), and an expansion tank in the loft.

If your property has a separate hot water cylinder and a boiler, it’s likely a conventional system.

System Boilers:
Similar to conventional boilers, system boilers have a built-in expansion vessel and circulating pump, eliminating the need for a separate expansion tank in the loft. They still require a hot water storage cylinder.

Look for a system boiler connected to a hot water storage cylinder, but without a separate expansion tank.

Condensing Boilers:
Condensing boilers are designed to be highly efficient by recovering heat from flue gases. They are available as combi, conventional, or system boilers.
Check for a white plastic pipe coming from the boiler (condensate pipe) that leads outside. Condensing boilers are a standard in the UK due to energy efficiency regulations.

Back Boilers:
Back boilers are older and less common, but some period properties may still have them. They are often hidden or concealed behind a fireplace and connected to a separate hot water cylinder and cold water tank.

Look for a fire front on a fireplace with a gas fire, as this might indicate the presence of a back boiler.

To identify the type of boiler in your house, you can also consult with a us here at Here 4 Heat by using our online contact form or giving us a call.