Heating Services, Chichester
Heating Services, Chichester
Heating Services, Chichester

Providing gas, oil, LPG and renewable heating solutions throughout Chichester and the surrounding areas

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Boiler Repairs, Chichester
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Boiler Servicing, Chichester
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Boiler Services In Chichester
Boiler Services, Chichester
Air Con Installations, Chichester
Heating Engineers, Chichester
Heating Installers, Chichester
Boiler Installers, Chichester
Boiler Installations, Chichester

Chichester’s Local Heating Engineers

With years of experience in the heating industry, at Here 4 Heat we can offer a variety of heating services. From brand new boiler installations, to air conditioning installations, essential annual servicing and renewable heating solutions, our team will be on hand to help with your central heating needs.

Our Heating Services

At Here 4 Heat we pride ourselves in the variety of services we provide to our customers. These range from brand new boiler installations, to boiler repairs, essential annual servicing and even boiler care plans to offer you that extra support.

Here 4 Heat does it all to an exemplary standard with your needs in mind!

New boilers in Chichester

New Boilers

Our expert heating engineers can install a range of brand new natural gas, oil and LPG boilers that are efficient, durable and long-lasting.


Annual boiler service in Chichester

Annual Service

We consider an annual boiler service to be essential to ensure that your current system is operating to peak performance and prolong its lifespan.


Boiler repairs in Chichester

Boiler Repairs

No matter what type of boiler your household has our team of experts can quickly diagnose and repair your boiler using quality parts.


Air conditioning installations in Chichester

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are an ideal heating and cooling solution. With air purifying qualities, air con units are a great option for your home.


Air conditioning servicing in Chichester

Air-Con Servicing

We will make sure your air conditioning is running as efficiently and safely as possible with an annual service.


Boiler smart controls in Chichester

Smart Controls

Take control of your heating from wherever you are. Connect your smart controls to your phone and turn your heating on and off on the go.


Boiler finance options in Chichester

Finance Options

Spread the cost of a brand new boiler for up to 10 years with our range of finance options.


Boiler care plans in Chichester

Care Plans

Protect your heating, hot water system or air conditioning with our custom service and maintenance package.


Get an Instant Boiler Quote

Looking for an instant boiler quote? Answer a few quick questions to find out how much a brand new boiler and its installation could cost.
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New Boiler Installations

Choosing a new boiler can be daunting if you’re unsure of what boiler you need. At Here 4 Heat our engineers have the expert knowledge to advise and install the right boiler for you and your home.
Gas Boiler Installations, Chichester

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are one of the most common boiler types. Powered by natural gas, gas boilers are available in a wide range of makes and models.


Oil Boiler Installation, Chichester

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are an ideal solution for rural properties where oil can be stored directly on the property.


LPG Boiler Installations, Chichester

LPG Boilers

LPG boilers are another ideal solution for rural properties where fuel can be stored direct at your home.


0% Boiler Finance

Spread the cost of a brand new boiler for up to 10 years!

At Here 4 Heat we know buying a boiler isn’t always a planned expense so we have a range of finance offerings allowing you to spread the cost of a brand new boiler for up to 10 years.


Radiator Services, Chichester
Heating Services, Chichester

Smart Heating Controls

Control your heating on the go with our range of smart heating controls. Only heat your home when you need to and set a schedule that suits you. You can even connect your heating controls to your smart device to have complete control on the go!
Bosch Easy Controls, Chichester


The Bosch EasyControl is a simple to use, efficient smart control that allows you to set your desired temperature of any room and control your heating on the go by connecting it with your smart device.

Nest Thermostats, Chichester


The Nest thermostat adapts to your lifestyle and learns your schedule for truly tailored heating. With a detailed home display, you can also connect the Nest thermostat to your smart device for complete control on the go.

Honeywell Controls, Chichester


From smart WiFi thermostats to programmable and non-programmable thermostats, there are a range of Honeywell controls to suit you and your home. Quick and simple to use, Honeywell can provide flexible scheduling.

Tado Boiler Controls, Chichester


Tado smart controls allows you to control your heating from anywhere on the go by using a dedicated mobile app. With smart scheduling you can set your perfect room temperature for every time of day.


Annual Boiler Servicing

Essential servicing to keep your boiler in great working condition.

An annual boiler service is an essential way to ensure your central heating system is operating to peak performance. At Here 4 Heat our trained and knowledgeable engineers run a variety of thorough tests and checks to prolong the longevity and durability of your boiler.

Our engineers can also test for dangerous Carbon Monoxide leaks to ensure your system is working safely and efficiently.


Annual boiler servicing in Chichester
Boiler service plans in Chichester

Central Heating Care Plans

Boiler cover from just £11 per month.

Protect your heating , hot water systems and/or your air conditioning system over a long term basis with our custom service and maintenance packages. Choose from a variety of plans to suit your needs.

Keep your home safe and heated on your terms!


Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Traditionaly known to cool rooms, air conditioning units are a great solution for both heating and cooling your home. Simple to install, there are huge benefits to air conditioning units, such as air purifying qualities, efficiency and ease of use.

Working alongside Worcester Bosch and other leading air conditioning manufacturers, talk to our heating engineers today to find out more about this adaptable heating and cooling option.


Air conditioning units in Chichester